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    Using a Microphone in the Classroom
    By Elise82

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    Where I used to teach full-time, we had an amplification system in every classroom and used "hands-free" mics if we chose to. I used it a lot, since I naturally have a soft voice. I also had the kids take turns using it during certain lessons.

    Now I am subbing, and am finding that I could *really* use a mic - not only when I am addressing the class as a whole, but at other times as well. For instance, this district seems to be really big on "round robin" reading during whole-group reading and other lessons. Of course, some of the kids have very soft voices, and no matter how I remind the kids to speak nice and loud, some of them just have a very difficult time doing this. So, when we can't hear the child, the others have trouble following along, and then before you know it, many of the kids are off-task. :( Occasionally, I will sub in a classroom with a mic available, and let the kids use it during lessons where they are to take turns reading something. It works very well.

    Does anyone know of an inexpensive battery-operated mic I could buy to bring with me? ( I have a really cheap "toy" mic that I used when I taught music classes to preschoolers, but I don't think it would work too well with school-age kids.) I think it would make life as a sub much easier for me!


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