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    spelling practice?
    By jensw

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    Do you mean 31 Ways to Practice Spelling?

    1. ABC Order – Write your words in alphabetical order.
    2. Reversed Words – Write your words in alphabetical order – backwards!
    3. Rainbow Words – Write each word in three colors.
    4. Cheer Your Words – Pretend you are a cheerleader and call out your words!
    5. Backwards Words – Write your words forwards, then backwards.
    6. Picture Words – Draw a picture and write your words in the picture.
    7. Silly Sentences – Use all your words in ten sentences.
    8. Pyramid Words – Write your words adding or subtracting one letter each time. The result will be a pyramid shape of words.
    9. Ransom Words – Write your words by cutting out letters in a newspaper or magazine and gluing them onto blank paper.
    10. Words-in-Words – Write your words and then write at least two words made from the letters in each word.
    11. Magazine Words – Use an old magazine or newspaper and find your word. Cut it out and glue it onto blank paper.
    12. Story Words J – Write a short story using all your words.
    13. 30 second Words J – Write a TV commercial using all of the words from your list.
    14. Popsicles – Make your words using Popsicle sticks to make each letter.
    15. Secret Agent Words – Number the alphabet from 1 to 26, then convert your words to a number code.
    16. Etch-A-Word – Use an Etch-A-Sketch to write your words.
    17. Telephone Words – Translate your words into numbers from a telephone keypad.
    18. Sound Words – Use a tape records and record your words and their spelling. Then listen to your tape, checking to see that you spelled all the words correctly.
    19. Words You Can Eat – Write your words by arranging alphabet pasta or Alphabits cereal.
    20. 3D Words – Use modeling clay rolled thinly to make your words.
    21. Bathtub Spelling Practice – Using foam letters, make your words by sticking the letter to the side of the tub.
    22. Sidewalk Spelling – Use sidewalk chalk to write the words on the sidewalk or driveway.
    23. Poker Chip Spelling – Write all the letters of the alphabet on poker chips. Use them to spell your words.
    24. Scrabble Spelling – Play a game of Scrabble using the spelling words.
    25. Go Fish – Each time you spell a word correctly, eat a Goldfish cracker for each letter in the word.
    26. Word Processing Practice – Use the computer to type the words. Use different colors, fonts, and sizes for each word.
    27. Spelling Word Finds J – Create a word find
    28. Crossword Spelling J -- Create a crossword puzzle with your spelling words using the words’ definitions.
    29. Spelling Puzzles – Write each spelling word on an index card. Cut each card in half and mix them up. Then match the two parts of the word.
    30. Finger Paint Bag – Pour a little bit of finger paint into a Ziploc bag and close it tight. Lay the bag flat on the table and use a finger to spell the word.
    31. Spelling Squares – Write your word on graphing paper, putting one letter in each box.

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