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    Peanut Allergy
    By change2R

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    I am the one with a severe peanut allergy! I did not ask other people to quit bringing peanut butter. I sit at a separate teacher table than those with pb. I do ask my students to wash their hands if they brought their lunch and I did talk to our school cooks. The cafeteria doesn't serve anything with peanut butter. They do not send pb sandwiches on field trips. (I found I had the most trouble on trips because sometimes we don't have access to water.) My students don't bring pb items because they are scared of me having a reaction. I had a severe reaction (I had to be rushed to to the doctor) a few years ago in front of my students. I think it scared everyone, so now they take it more seriously. Once, I also had a reaction because I picked up a napkin that apparently had been used by someone with pb. People with this allergy have to be very careful. But it is the responsiblity of the person with allergies to separate themselves from the chance of a reaction.

    I think that the allergic child should eat somewhere else, the children that bring their lunch should wash their hands, and the ones that eat pb should brush their teeth.

    I don't tell people that they can't eat pb. However, I don't allow pb snacks eaten in my classroom. Peanuts are everywhere! When I go to ballgames, people eat peanuts. I can't tell them not to serve peanuts or the people not to eat peanuts. I sit in the middle of my group of people so that I am not near the peanuts. I know that it is VERY dangerous for me to be around pb, but I know that I can't make the world free of peanuts. I work to control the areas I spend most of my day - the classroom.

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