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    It takes time...
    By lillian

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    I suggest your letting this child help you in the classroom with an activity that causes movement--handing out papers, sharpening pencils, passing out books, etc. When he does something mature and responsible, notice it right away and commend him for it. If he is allowed to move, because he obviously needs to, and is commended for positive behavior, then when you ask him to try and sit quietly and when you correct him for poor behavior, he will be more apt to listen to you and attend to what you are saying. When he behaves relatively well in class, compared to how he usually behaves, call the mom THAT DAY to tell her how great he was in class and name the particular behaviors that impressed you. You also may want to start some kind of behavior plan with him, where he is rewarded both for correcting poor habits he has now AND for demonstrating positive behaviors he already exhibits. You want to make sure you reward the positive behavior he already has as well because if the plan is all about correcting poor behavior, it can backfire, BIG TIME.

    I've had children with very serious behavior issues in my classroom, and I have found the above techniques the most effective way of dealing with the behaviors. Of all of the above techniques, though, calling the parents with "good news" is the most effective!!! I really can't express how important it is and how much it will help you.

    One more thing...Parents don't have to disclose all background information on their children. The child may be diagnosed with something and on medication. If you notice that the child's behavior is particularly poor during a certain time of the day, you may want to mention this to the parents. It could be related to the meds the child is taking. The meds can have peak and low times.

    Good luck!

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