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    well i'll be darned!
    By tia

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    judy, i was just SURE that you had made an error somewhere! but after checking with my trusty blue are right!

    i have always assumed that points and percentage make no difference--and even stated so here in a post about grading this summer (oops!)

    i am a little freaked out about how that works mathematically; and it will keep me wondering until i figure it out....or give up (with resistance).

    i use the point system--i used to--many years ago, use the 100 points per paper--but then did some reading and talked with others and realized that students have to make up so many points when they get a low score AND you have to punch more numbers into the grading program. so now i have lower point values for papers. and they are weighted just by point value.
    5--daily assignment
    10--homework or larger assignment (the above 2 can be redone for averaged grade if student wishes)

    these are just approximations, not set in stone.

    if you want the 7 point assignment to be worth more, just change it to 14 points and double everyone's score. (sometimes when i have a difficult to grade assignment that ends up having 16 problems--i grade it with 16, but then convert into 1/2 (8) when i put it in gradebook. i have always thought: doesn't really matter, the percentage is still the same--now i have to wonder......i'm off to do a little scientific/mathematic experiment....

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