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    Homeworkopoly Rewards
    By MsPropel

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    These are my chance cards:

    Brain Binder - I read a Brain Quest Question, if they get it right, they get a sticker from my sticker box.
    Take a book home from my library (must be returned the next day).
    Choose a Mystery Prize
    Choose a Prize from the Prize Box
    Get on the Bus - Their piece moves to the bus, nothing else happens.
    Move to GO - They get to choose a sticker from the sticker box when they pass GO.
    Get One Sticker
    Free Homework Pass

    These are my Community Chest Cards:

    Give a friend a compliment.
    Make a picture for a friend.
    Make a bead pin for a friend.
    Give your classmates a high five.
    Make up a new celebration.
    Help out a teacher.
    Help out in the dining room.
    Read to a younger class.

    I hope this helps you out!

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