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    Grading weighted or not?
    By Judy24

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    I've always used the percentage system (5 grades = 100 divide by 5 you have 20%). I signed up for an online grading system that I really do like and they have a points system that I really like also. I've always had a hard time in my mind that a homework assignment for practice was equal to a big test so I tried the points thing for the first 3 weeks. However I wondered what the difference was between percentages and points. Look at this to see if I have it right.

    total points 12 5 6 45 3 =71

    Johnny 10 4 6 41 1 =62 87.3%

    Jill 83 80 100 91 33 =387 77.4%

    The points system gives the student B while the percentage system gives the student a C. This is a big difference IMO. Is it because an assignment worth 3 points in the points system getting a 1 only loses 2 points whereas in the percentage system it is losing 66 points? What do you all do? I would like to make my tests and big projects worth more than homework and practice work, so I thought going with the points thing would be better. I think it is, but I'd like some confirmation. I hope this makes sense. Please help.

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