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    Just a thought...
    By MsPropel

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    I'm not one to like sitting in my seat all day long. In-services are my worst nightmare. Because of this, I feel for my students. I do a lot of work between the carpet and the tables so they are moving around constantly throughout the day. However, this year I have several antsy students. Can't sit still or stay in one place for their lives! I have begun to use carpet squares on the carpet and that seems to work pretty well but I'm still having problems at the tables. I have one that sounds very similar to yours. He will literally get up in the middle of a lesson and walk over to the carpet. I usually don't say anything to him right away because I think he just needs to get up and I'd rather him "go take a walk on the carpet" and still be in the room than walk down the hall to the restroom to fool around. After a minute or two I direct him back to his seat. This seems to help. I may have to start regulating how many walks he can take each day so that he doesn't take advantage of it, but I won't do that unless I notice that he is taking advantage.

    I have also heard that some teachers will mark a square around a student's desk and chair. Then the rule is they must stay within the square. As long as the child is still doing their work, they don't have to be sitting down but they must be within the square.

    Good luck!

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