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    wow...that amazes me...
    By REB

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    For core subjects, they're only submitted when a unit is completed, but for us (pe,music,art,computer), we have to submit plans weekly, on Monday mornings. As a habit, from college, I have always highlighted the parts that the student will learn, so that they can see what part the students are taking in the lesson's process, and I list resources used, ways that I differentiate instruction in my classes, and extra activities that I plan to use, if time permits, as well as ways I plan to assess the outcome of the lesson. (This was required for my first 6 years of teaching, so now, it's a habit, and only helps me when I am evaluated, as last year an administrator actually thanked me for my attention to detail in the lesson plans.) We have to also have the strand we are teaching posted on either a wall, or on the dry erase board...this, for me, is hard to remember. Also, school rules (there are 5-6 pages of these), classroom rules, procedures, rewards and consequences must be posted in the room, for students to see, and parents, or administrators to see, and evals are unannounced, or so I learned this week, when I was being evaluated, and thought the administrator was there to see a I walked over and asked "Are you here for someone?" They responded..."for you", and smiled and said, "I'm evaulating you.", and I jumped right back into my lesson.

    I don't mind submitting my lessons weekly, I've taught in two states now, and it worked the same way in both states, so I'm used to it. :)

    I cannot BELIEVE that there are schools that don't REQUIRE lesson plans?:eek: Wow....those are some really trusting administrators, and parents, as well as school officials. In this age of accountability, that amazes me.


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