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    By Karen123

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    Hi! I'm newly signed on and am happy to tell you what I do in situations like this. Every time this student gets out of his seat, he has chosen to miss the next recess period. He may walk laps around the recess area but may not participate in the fun. If you are allowed, take away a special class he enjoys such as art or PE. The trick is that the consequence must be unpleasant for him. While he misses the first few things he enjoys or after school, take advantage of the time to counsel with him on why it is important that he learn to obey and how bad habits can disrupt his entire future. Make sure he understands that you care about him and the success of his life. Let him know that, as his teacher, you want to help him in this matter of learning to obey. I like to use examples of how obeying the law keeps us out of jail, how obeying the boss allows us to keep a job, enabling us to have a roof, clothes, and food. I think the key here is the time spent in counsel sends the message that you care and want to serve him. If it seems not to have effect, during the counsel time ask him questions that cause him to articulate why it is important to learn obedience, and ask him how it will affect his life if he doesn't. This causes him to use his own thinking about the situation and keeps him from acting just as a passive listener. You could even start out this way. I guess it all depends on the child's age or maturity level. I began the year with a child who transfered to our school. He came with a child study report that scared me somewhat. He is now very obedient. When he is tired, he slips up, but he's nothing like how he was on the first few days of school. He had recess on the first day then didn't have it again untill about two weeks after. I also made him have silent lunch. I hope everything works out for you.

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