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    Thank God Everyone's ok
    By tweet

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    Glad it wasn't worse. We had a similar situation a few years ago w/ a bomb threat--had to sit for over an hour in the football stadium bleachers until they determined it was a hoax. Happened right at lunch time, too. Threw us behind schedule for that, but the worst was NO bathroom!!! Lots of squirmy children.

    We had a disaster preparedness inservice shortly after that. One of the suggestions that came from that was to make an emergency bucket. Go to Home Depot or Lowe's or similar place and purchase a 5 gallon bucket. Upholster the lid if you like to make yourself a stool seat. Inside the bucket store a small first aid kit; some "time passers" like a jumprope, a paperback book to read aloud, bottle of bubbles, etc.; a copy of your roll sheet and a sharpened pencil (in case you need to check students out to their parents), maybe some nonperishable snack items like a sleeve if crackers or mini boxes of raisins.(be sure to check and replace periodically) If and when disaster strikes, grab your bucket and go! They suggested you take it each time you have a drill, but I will admit I don't. We have a fire drill once a month. We don't know the exact day or time, but we always know when the alarm sounds it's just a drill--I know, we're being too complacent, we'll work on it.

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