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    LOVE it, but I do modify it a bit
    By kirsten

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    I'm in 8th grade, so we don't do a lot with prizes. I have graphs hanging on my wall for each class and chart points for kids each marking period so they can see their bar graph growing. I also incorporate it into their grades BUT, I don't record the test scores. I record the points they earn. So if they don't earn full points because of a low score, it's not a big deal, they just need to read another book. Hence, the kids who need more practice reading are motivated to read more. Also, I have a "literary critique" form for kids who want to read a book that is not AR. They fill that out instead of taking the AR quiz and then I just put comparable points in the book for them by comparing the book they read to something similar on the AR list. I also allow them to earn major extra credit from AR. For example, kids must read 10 points worth each marking period. Well, some kids will do that in a weekend. If so, they can keep chalking up the points up to 20 (which translates into a 200 in the gradebook and really helps some kids' averages) Over 20 I put their names in a bucket to win prizes (like free books from scholastic that I earn from the book orders) OH, the other thing I do. I allow the kids to use notes on the quizzes. I've had a few that just struggle with remembering the details and these quizzes do get pretty detailed in the quizzes. I encourage kids to take notes, keep a cast of characters, major events, etc. and bring that with them to take the quiz. After all, I don't care to test their memory. I just want to know A. that they are reading and B. that they are comprehending what they are reading Hope this helps.

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