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    Something fun
    By Bethany

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    What I do is play something called "Rivet"...not sure why it is called that, but that's what I've heard it being called. It's basically a game close to Hangman where I put up the certain amount of letters of the word and I choose a student from sticks in a cup to give me a letter. We keep doing this until I get about 4 letters and then I tell them the definition. That gets them thinking of the definition that could go with the word. We continue going until the word is spelled out. The students can not guess the word unless they give me a letter and I have chosen their name from the sticks.
    To make it more "competitive", I play "me versus you" (the class). I get a point if any one talks out without me calling on them and they get a point when they get the word. They love playing against me so they all try to be very quiet.
    For my kinesthetic learners, I also allow them to stand up and do a "cheer" or a movement when they try to guess the letter. That way, they are able to get up and move around some.
    After the word is guessed, we say the word and definition together and someone makes up a sentence with the word.

    Hope this helps!:s)

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