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    had this one
    By newtothird

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    I had a student very similar last year in fourth. She still couldn't read when we promoted her to fifth. I think cases like this are complicated. My former student was brilliant, she aspired to go to Harvard and I think it's possible. Reading is a low level decoding skill, so when a brilliant student can't do it we all wonder why. This is what we did. We gave her Wilson training (similar to Orton Gillingham). Wilson and OG are phoneme based and very boring. We told her she had to tough it out.

    Her language art instruction did vary. She was enthusiastic about books on tape since her comprehension skills were outstanding. She generally had a buddy to help get through everyday independent work. As she summarized at the end of the year--her buddy helped her decode and she helped him comprehend. Truthfully, I think the comprehension problem is a more difficult problem to solve. We read aloud frequently and she took tests with a resource teacher who could read the questions. Her writing was difficult to decipher. She'd write in her writing and then dictate it to me. I would type the story and then she used her writing so that she could practice reading.

    In my state there are special schools that cater to the dyslexic. This child was in a public school system and the private option would be out of the question because of her family's finances.

    Advocate for this child. When this child graduates from Harvard I know I'll feel I helped her along the way!

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