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    By Tounces

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    I would not have snack any more in my room if I had it. It's bad enough that when the kids have partial days that they come to my room for lunch. I've had to do lunch duty before too. I have a couple kids with peanut allergies this year. I also have other students with other food allergies including myself. I am highly allergic to strawberry-strawberry anything. They have strawberry milk now for school lunches. I don't know who thought that was a good idea. I can't even be around strawberry. So fruit would not be safe for me to be around. I know many others who are allergic to other foods too. They don't get the publicity that peanuts do. I don't think its worth the possibiltiy of someone having a reaction to the treats in order to have treats in your room. The kids don't need to snack during the school day. I make sure my class has water available during the day instead. It is very healthly for them and it doesn't run the risk as do foods. I can understand how mom wants to make sure her son is safe. It's not easy being allergic to things. Sometimes people see it as being "difficult", but remember they don't chose to be allergic, it just happens. Anyone can become allergic at any time. I didn't develop my allergies and asthma until I was in my early 20s. Its not a good feeling to be treated differently and get left out of things because of your health. One of my parents told me she'd be writing me a lot of notes. i asked why and she told me about her son's medical needs due to allergies and asthma. I'm the first teacher one of my parents can relate to because her son takes the same meds and has the same problems as I do. I carry an Epipen, emergency inhaler etc. She said that her son's teacher last year didn't understand. I guess until you can put yourself in someone else's shoes, you can't know how it really is. I guess being that way myself, I can see how mom took your words the way she did.

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