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    Maybe give them work to do?
    By Risa

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    I, too, have had parents who seemed to want to stay a bit too long. Knowing they just want to get a feel for 'the new teacher' and to make sure their 'baby' is okay, I told them to feel free to stay for a while, but I don't offer them a place to sit. They remain standing. Then, I go about my business just completely ignoring them.

    If they still stay, I can ask them if they would like to work as volunteers in the school. If so, I can let them know where the 'parent volunteer room' is and tell them to go sign up, there.

    One time, I recall asking a mother if she would mind helping me out with some work. (This meant I had to think quickly and come up with something for her to do that might be a bit tedious or 'not fun'. I seem to recall that I asked the parent to take a note to the office to check on the names of students who hadn't shown up, yet. This wasn't really a necessary task, but I guess it was such a menial job that the office secretary called my room to let me know the parent asked her to inform me that she would be leaving.;) )

    Frankly, you just never know what will work, so, as I said earlier, you have to be able to think quickly, size up the situation and see what works with the parent. You might end up with a very helpful room mom! (On second thought... maybe not... :o)

    Hope you come up with a suitable plan! Good luck!:s)

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