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    Reading Workshop Guidelines
    By JKB

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    I just made a new poster relating to Reading Workship Guidelines in my classroom. Maybe these will give you some ideas:

    Choose books BEFORE Reading Workshop time.
    Settle into Reading Workshop quickly and quietly.
    Use Reading Workshop time wisely. Read silently, write literature responses, or take Accelerated Reader tests when it is your turn.
    Write thoughtful Literature Responses and complete your daily Reading Workshop Log.
    Work quietly without disturbing others. Remember Reading Workshop is a QUIET TIME each day.In my room, I have a "Book Nook", which has a comfortable love seat in it. I also have bean bags and cushions. During Reading Workshop, I allow 1/5th of my class use them each day of the week, so that everyone gets a chance once a week to comfortably read around the room. They love it!

    I also have three computers in my classroom for students to take AR tests. I have 1/3 of my class registered on each computer. I make a flip chart that sits by the computer, so that the children each get their turn at it. In the event that a child is not ready to take an AR test, they simply "pass" and it goes to the next child. This prevents some kids from monopolizing the computers!

    While I don't have the "one day a week, you can read a magazine or comic book....", every once in awhile, I will do a special day, where I will bring in a stack of magazines from our library and allow them to decide if they want to read one. The most popular ones are Zoo Books, since these are on our AR lists. AR is BIG in my building and it seems like they don't want to use their Reading Workshop time on something unless it is AR!

    Hope this gives you "food for thought"! Have a great year! JKB :s)

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