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    By tia

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    you've almost got it--(hard to explain) :) i give the first word on the first list, the first word on the second list, and the first word on the third list--long pause--then a bit quicker i repeat all 3 (same order) and move on to the next word on each list. then when done with all 20, i read all list 1, all list 2, all list 3. (during this final read through, they are SUPPOSED to be READING their words to themselves listening for the sounds of each letter.)

    i know it sounds complicated, but they really do get the hang of it quickly (and if they've been practicing their words, they know which ones are theirs!)

    up until last year we had our a spelling book--those words were easy/average for my grade level, so i generally had 4-8 kids working on "accelerated" lists. i gave the class the first month or so to show me what they could do--kids with A's on all tests got to show me if they could "test out" of the rest of the units--if they did well, i pretested them on the next few lists and the words they missed were the ones they kept--why practice words you know? this puts those kids with all different lists--while i am giving the 2 lists for the test, these kids buddy up and give each other their tests. once they have tested through all the lists, i start on my accelerated words. i've just created lists from various places--a couple lists came from an Internet search--some came from the Challenge words from the book--several lists came from some more advanced books that we read (Phantom Tollbooth and Westing Game)--some came from 7th and 8th grade spelling workbooks from the teacher store.

    many years ago, our district had us connecting our spelling with writing (not bad, but very time consuming). similar to what i do with advanced spellers--everyone had a list---they pretested (didn't help that the words were pretty easy!) they tested out of quite a few, and then had to "find" words to make 20. i always had curriculum words for them to choose from and usually a list of social skills (listening, cooperation, manners...) words....but the bulk was supposed to come from their spelling cards--ugh--we were supposed to find misspelled words in their writing and put those words on cards in a little box--and on mondays, the kids filled up their lists with these words. i couldn't keep up with that much writing!

    this year we got a new reading series (i think it might be language too--obviously i didn't go to the optional training at the beginning of august!) and it has a spelling component--we don't have those workbooks yet (no books, just workbooks--and we don't get workbooks next year, apparently--huh) oh, yeah--school starts this coming monday--thank goodness i hadn't planned on doing spelling right away anyway. i did glance at the spelling words somewhere, and they look really easy--sigh...

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