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    No Way
    By QW

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    I HATE pantyhose. I just can't do it. If you want to get down and dirty at your meeting next week, try bringing up these points:

    1. It's a sexist rule--MEN don't have to wear pantyhose and there is no equivalent male garment that is as uncomfortable as pantyhose.

    2. Tell them its a health hazard--some people who wear pantyhose, especially every day and in hot weather, develop yeast infections! Of course they are female, but...

    3. Hose with runs in them--which you can't avoid--look tacky and cheap and totally unprofessional.

    4. Have them explain to your group exactly how wearing pantyhose affects student achievement. I've never seen a study on it, but I doubt it makes any difference in student achievement if you wear hose or not!

    5. Replacing pantyhose can cost a lot of money. I've never had a pair that lasted any length of time. A comparable raise to cover the cost would be nice :-)

    Good luck at your meeting! I'm cheering for you. Maybe someone has a doctor friend that could write excuses for everyone, saying it is detrimental to their health, as they are at risk for infections, etc. hee hee

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