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    Fred Jones
    By Judy24

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    Our school uses the Fred Jones approach. Get a book and read the first 2 chapters. I can basically describe it, but get the book too.

    The system works on time management. The teacher has a stop watch with her at all times. The students are working toward PAT time (Preferred Activity Time). It's usually an educational game of sorts. The students start out with a certain amount of time available. Then when you have to stop because of behavior, start the timer. The amount of time it takes to settle down is then subtracted from the PAT time. When getting things ready for a new subject or a bathroom break you set an amount of time you think it should take and then any time left gets added to their PAT time. If they run over, then that amount is subtracted. On Friday the kids are allowed their accumulated time for PAT time. If they are negative time then you would sit quietly for that time or just continue working.

    Another component is they way the desks are arranged. Each desk should be accessible from every point in the room (no rows, you can't quickly get to a child). Another point is that when a student is misbehaving you are to go directly over to the child. You can't just say "Johnny I need your attention" You must physically go to Johnny and look directly at him and ask for his attention. Don't leave him alone until you get his attention. He wants you to leave. The teacher should constantly move around the room in order to have close proximity to all students.

    There is more in the book. I've seen results from this approach. It takes time for kids to realize that you're serious, but it does work. I hope you find a way that fits you and your class. Good Luck.

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