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    By Mrs. R

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    I teach first grade too and one of our units is community, specifically our town. We make a large map of our town on a bulletin board, but we focus on our downtown area. Our curriculum focuses on goods and services in our community. Students make miniature town buildings (Town Hall, Library, Post Office, etc) using milk cartons or paper. I've done both. We add these to the map.

    Then students, in small groups, are assigned a business to visit where they'll interview the people who work there. As a group they come up with interview questions. It takes some leg work because you need to line up businesses willing to welcome the students. We go on a grade level field trip and students visit the businesses with parent chaperones. The children ask the questions, but the parents help write down the answers. One parent also takes photos of the business.

    We've done different things when they come back. Some years they've made a shoe box diorama of their business, and we add it to the bulletin board using string to show its location on the map. Other years they've written "important poems" about their business. Those are based on The Important Book. The important thing about Starbucks is__________,etc. Still other years they've used their photos and interview findings (with help from an adult) to make a poster about their business to present to the class.

    One year when we weren't allowed to go on field trips, we did a flat stanley project with businesses in town. We sent them flat versions of the children and they took pictures of the flat peron in action at their business and answered questions the student had submitted.

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