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    interesting question
    By luv2teach77

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    I think this is an interesting topic you've brought forth. I personally don't think this mother's request is strange. I'm married to someone British. If we lived in the UK, I'd still want to be called mom and I do think that if a teacher started correcting my child's spelling of this word I'd want it to stop.

    Yes, people from different countries move to other countries and assimilate accordingly, but I think a word such as mom/mum is very personal and shouldn't be corrected just to fit cultural standards. I constantly notice my husband referring to everyday things in "American" terms, but I know when it comes to some things he'll always use the British way and that's ok. I'd never expect him to change completely just because he's living in "my country", as I know he wouldn't expect me to either if we were living in his.

    My suggestion is to allow this student to refer to her mother as mom without corrections. If she's making other British/American spelling mistakes (such as color vs. colour or favorite vs. favourite), well then you might want to correct her spelling if that's the way you expect those words to be spelled in your classroom. Correcting mom vs. mum is a bit silly in my personal opinion.

    :) Deb

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