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    By GB

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    When people move to the United States, I expect them to assimilate to American ways. They live in the UK for now. They are on your soil, and to hold fast to my expectation here, I'd say the girl needs to learn the culture and ways of life there, to assimilate. This is even though they can retain their culture and heritage at home. Hence the "Melting Pot," idea in the U.S. as we melt together into ways of doing things. The US is becoming more of a tossed salad now, where people are retaining their own identity. Things are changing fast here, because of the very question you are asking.

    You think it's bizarre because it is not the normal expectation in your educational system. I think it's bizarre, too, for instance, when illegal aliens come into the U.S. and expect ESL and spanish taught to their children on American soil. I'm not talking about just spanish being taught, we do that anyway, I'm talking about solely spanish-speaking classrooms, here in the US. (This is *especially* when they are taking aid from the government and are not paying in taxes.) ?? I'm not trying to hijack your thread, just making a comparison.

    You are not wrong to have a concern about changing the way your culture does things, and what your expectations are as you teach students, native or not.

    Now with that said, it's a minor issue, and I would dutifully explain that "around here" the word is "Mum." "But...if you'd like to use another name for your mother, fine."

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