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    By desertreader

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    Wow. Do you have any other students in your class that can speak those languages to help? Start with classroom words and use pictures a lot! Label everything in your classroom so they start seeing the words with the object. You may want to have them start their own English dictionary where they draw their own picture and write the English word next to it. If there aren't students who can translate using pictures will be your best best. In the beginning they will mostly be developing oral language. Send home books with a lot of word/picture correlation and have them practice in class as well. Just don't be worried if they are very quiet. They are absorbing more language that you even realize. They will pick up a lot from their classmates too. I have a few students who did not speak any English (from Mexico), but 99% of my class could translate, which helped a lot. Good luck! It will be challenging, but very rewarding when you see evidence of learning.

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