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    Two ideas.....
    By JKB

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    Like others who have posted before me, I also do clapping patterns and they work well.

    Sometimes, however, I throw in a twist and I will say something like "If you can hear my voice, clap once.............clap twice.............three times." When I say it, I am almost whispering! You would be surprised how quickly it gets their attention!

    I have also used bells and windchimes and they also worked-but I had one problem with them.......I sometimes needed their attention, when I didn't have the bells or windchimes with me....(such as lining up after gym, art, or music, etc. etc. etc.) That always brought me back to clapping!

    Our principal uses the "Give Me Five" signal and it is effective throughout the whole school. He uses it for assemblies, lunch room, etc.......whenever needed.

    I just think that it doesn't hurt to have a variety of strategies....and use different they don't "tune out" the signal you want to use.

    Hope this is helpful! Have a great year! :s) JKB

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