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    Talkative Kids
    By 2ndgradeteacher

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    This year I am also using the Give Me five system with my third graders. I have a set a posters someone shared with me that state Give Me Five and then 1. Eyes on the speaker 2. Lipes Closed 3. Ears Listening 4. Sit Up Straight 5. Hands and Feet quiet. Basically, I hold up my hand, say give me five and wait for the class to respond by holding up their hand and meeting the 5 criteria. In our grade, we use a monetary system, so if the class does not give their attention to the teacher in an appropriate amount of time, they will be fined some of their money.

    Another thing I have used is a music box. Basically, I wind up a store bought music box and throughout the day if the class is talking, I open the box and let it play until they are quiet. At the end of the day, we time the music box and if they meet a certain number of minutes/seconds the class receives a reward. (You'll need to make sure you know how long the music box plays before you use this and set a time - most boxes I've found run about 2 1/2 minutes, and I set the goal as either 1 minute or 1 1/2 minutes depending on the kids). Your rewards can be whatever you choose. The two systems for rewards that have worked best for me are money for our money system or a letter to spell a word. For the letters, you can have options that the students spell such as: no homework, extra recess, pizza party, lunch in the classroom, video time, etc. Each day the students meet the goal they earn a letter, when the whole word/phrase is spelled they get their reward. I have also done this where each time the students spell the word surprise and are then rewarded with something of my choice - I think they like to vote to choose which reward to work on better than the surprise option.

    Hope some of these ideas help!

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