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    How much homework to give (5th Grade)?
    By 5thGrdTeachTN

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    I will be teaching fifth grade for the first time in a private school. I have taught previously in 3rd and 4th grade in public school. In the past, I have assigned 10 minutes or reading per the childrens' grade level (30 in third, 4o in 4th), plus a paragraph reading response (so approximately 35-45 minutes total time for reading). My previous experience with math has been Saxon Math which provided nightly skills practice which took most students 10-20 minutes (depending on math ability) to complete. We would occassionally assign weekly assignments in social studies and science, but would usually give some class time to complete. All told, my students in the past had about one hour of homework each night.

    If I follow my previous guidelines, my fifth graders this year would be reading for 50 minutes and, after responding, an hour would be spent on reading homework alone! I will be teaching from the Everyday Math series, so the math homework doesn't look too time consuming. However, I am under the impression that some sort of science and social studies homework is expected, so I was planning on doing a weekly assigment (assigned Mon or Tues and due Thurs or Fri). I am also looking to use a spelling contract that students will be responible for on "their own time" (either when they finish classwork early or at home). With all of these pieces combined, these poor kids are looking at an hour and a half to two hours of homework a night and that seems like a lot for me to ask of a fifth graders.

    So upper grade teachers (and parents of students in the upper grades) I need your help. I was going to post on the 4-8 board, but this board seems to get more traffic, so here I am:). So here is my question, am I asking too much from my fifth graders and if so, what can I do to modify my homework plan? ANY suggestions/feedback is welcome:). TIA!

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