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    Circle Map activity
    By Risa

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    Is this "Circle Map" just a blank page with a circle on it, and a picture in the middle of the circle?
    Also, do you think this would have the same effect if I sent it home for the parents during the first week of school? (Our open house in Oct.) One last thing....How did you model your own personal circle map? What type of information or phrases did you find to be helpful and motivating for the parents? Hi!
    You can find an explanation of the Circle Map, along with the other maps used by Thinking Maps, Inc. on this page

    If you haven't been trained to use them, I would suggest you use whatever your students use when they are pre-writing or brainstorming. (Before I used Thinking Maps, I used to do clustering or webbing when I wanted to model brainstorming with my students.) My purpose in using the Circle Map was, in part, to make the parents aware of how we use Thinking Maps. Also, since many of the parents brought their children along, the kids were able to sit beside them and explain how to fill it in.

    I really didn't say much more than I explained in one of the previous posts. I didn't start out asking them to tell me how much they love their children or what their children meant to them. The parents' comments were completely spontaneous and from their hearts. As a matter of fact, other than a 'thank you' note where I expressed appreciation to them for coming to the event and for their insightful and loving comments about their children, they probably don't realize how important their comments were to how I view their children.

    When I modeled my own Circle Map, I just had the circle, and filled in words or short phrases about myself, my family, and my teaching background. After that, I stopped writing on the Circle Map and I went on with the rest of the agenda.

    As for sending it home- I did that for those whose parents did not attend. I got a lot more information, but I also got a lot more questions since it is not self-explanatory. I think it was important that they saw me modeling its use, but, again, I didn't really know what they would write so I never was actually trying to get the kinds of comments they wrote.

    Hope that answers some of your questions! Good Luck to you!

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