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    It varies...
    By JKB

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    Sometimes, I keep my door open and other times I close it. My room has two leading to the hallway and one leading to the exterior of the building by the playground. My room tends to be warm, no matter what the whether is like outside.

    Generally, I keep my door open. Sometimes, I will even open the exterior door, just to get a breeze and cool it down. We do have air conditioning, but it seems like it is colder on the otherside of the hallway! (Standard joke......go into the Spec. Ed room to cool off and come into my room to warm up!)

    There are times when I do close it, however. For example, if we are doing a "loud" activity or taking a test, then I close it.

    Overall, I really didn't think about it, until I read your question. I would suggest to just do what feels natural to you, unless an administrator tells you otherwise!

    Have a great year! JKB :s)

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