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    By Ilvtching

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    I had a student last year who stole stuff. I couldn't put my finger on who it was until April/May. I was so tired of everything missing. When it got to people's snack missing is when it made it easy to figure out...who had the same snack? Well, she denied it of course and she even had her name on the snack in question (she also had permanent markers in her desk). I made her take the markers home...still stuff was missing. I confronted her, the principal did too and the story changed so many times...finally I talked to mom and she didn't really help much. One day this little one took someone's new special pencil....I lost it. (not proud of that either...just at the end of my rope) I kicked her out of my classroom...well, it must've made an impression, because when I went out to talk to her, she confessed everything. We had a good talk and she saw the counselor. We recommeded to mom that counseling outside school was a good didn't follow through. This child said she couldn't stop herself and didn't want to steal anymore! It was heartbreaking. Her mom made her replace the stuff she stole (what she could remember anyway). I hope she does better this year. I have talked to her teacher for this year and she is going to give her the benefit of the doubt...but keep an eye on her also!

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