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    Intimidating Interview
    By AJC

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    I had an interview today for a 4th grade position with a very intimidating principal. He would stare (very deeply) at me for long periods of time, without saying a word. The silence was deafening. Sometimes he would ramble on (praising himself) and then expect me to respond. Here are just a few of the things that he said to me:

    Let's cut the crap. What are you here for?

    Why should I hire YOU?

    What good are you, if you don't have any experience?

    I'm a very good judge of character. If I'm wrong about someone, then I will personally make sure that they are out of this school (and this district).

    If you've been interviewing since May, then how come nobody has hired you?

    If you have two references from within this school district, then why didn't THEY call you for an interview?

    I only have your resume, not your other application materials. HR must have lost them.

    You're lucky that you're not being interviewed by my usual panel of 7-8 interviewers.

    I brought this school's test scores up. Failure is not an option. If you bring me down, then I will bring you down.

    If you have any fires, then I expect you to come to me. I will give you the tools to put the fires out, but I will not put them out for you.

    A former teacher here had the audacity to give a struggling student crossword puzzles to do. If you ever do anything like that, then I will make sure that you never teach in this district again.

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