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    By emme

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    I think it's important to set up the room together, so you both have input and you're both happy. You do need space for your binders, minutes, something you're using in your lessons, personal stuff etc, but it needn't be a big issue - one shelf each at the back of a wall unit was lots for us. Everything else was "for the kids". You also need to build the behavior guidelines together so you are unified when it comes to expectations for your class. I'm not trying to say your teaching methods or personality has to be the same as each other, in any way. It's truly more of an advantage and adventure for the kids to enjoy your different personalities, but it sure solves a lot of issues with students and parents if you have agreed on the same behavior expectations.

    It does help if you know something about what they're teaching so you can collaborate, and you also need to keep each other updated about the kids. Daily anecdotals helped us a lot, but we also officially met each Thursday after school for a face to face and that time became really important to us. We could also discuss the bulletin boards as needed. Some subjects just need more space than others at certain times of the year, and then you need to co-operate and share freely instead of making too many hard and fast rules.

    We team taught the first few days of school, so we could both bond with the children, meet parents, set up procedures and get to know each other a bit. We also team taught at the end so that we could both be there for the fun, and the goodbyes. We also both attended parent conferences, meetings, special events like the open house. The children and their parents really ended up feeling like they got two full teachers attention, and the reaction was invariably positive.

    Have a great year.

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