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    I job-shared a K-1 for four years...
    By Mrs. R :)

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    I had just returned to work from a maternity leave from having my second child. I was very lucky to have the opportunity.

    My job-share colleague and I each had our own area in the classroom. We didn't have a desk, but we each had a kidney table where we kept our PD stuff and personal belongings. We also split the bulletin boards so that we each had the same amount of space and stuck with it all year. We met at the beginning of the year to decide on room set up and what our basic routines would be, but when she was there she did what she wanted and when I was there I did how I wanted. We had the same behavior chart to maintain consistency, but much different teaching styles. It still worked as far as the children go.

    I would advise you to keep your relationship very professional if you can. It helps a great deal. Also, be clear about what you would like to divide and how you divide it. And stick to it. One other thing we did was to keep a journal of the day...litttle notes so that I knew if something "major" had occured in the morning. We taught half days like you.

    I do miss having half the work, but having gone back to full time...I don't miss the paycheck!:o My youngest is entering K in my school and my oldest grade 2, so it worked well for me! Best wishes!;)

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