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    Start setting up tomorrow!
    By JKB

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    For all who are going to have the FIRST DAY tomorrow.....hope it is awesome! For me, it is the first day that I can even get into my room to start setting it up! I've been gathering materials and building a tower of boxes in my utility room...that my DH will be happy to see disappear tomorrow! LOL

    For us......teachers "officially" start on Aug. 29th.....with Professional Development scheduled for 2 1/2 days, leaving us the afternoon of Aug. 31st to set up our room..........However, I don't know a single teacher in my building who doesn't come in before that! Our children start on September 5th, after Labor Day. In days gone by, classes did start before Labor Day, but now there is a state law that says we can't! (I actually preferred starting earlier!)

    *On a side year I actually LIVED the teacher's nightmare......and overslept on the FIRST DAY back! My husband is a heart patient and he had a horrible night the night before. He did fall asleep.....but between worrying about him and thinking about school, I couldn't shut my brain off! I finally went to sleep about an hour before the alarm went off......and I must have reached over and shut it off, without even realizing it!!! When I woke up, I was already 2 hours late for school!!! Fortunately, it was a Professional Development Day, and not a day with students! I am also very fortunate to have an understanding principal who realizes that there is a home and family life, too. Ever since then, I have set TWO alarm beyond my reach.....:)

    At any rate, hope this year will be outstanding for all! JKB :s)

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