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    By JKB

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    In terms of daily all depends if something is "time sensitive" or not. First of all, our principal sends out a weekly newsletter with all the students and it is distributed on Mondays.....I just include it in the weekly Progress Report.

    Sometimes, we will get flyers relating to community activities, etc., such as sign up for Soccer on such and such a date. Those usually come out 4-6 weeks in advance, so I just include them in the next progress report, too. For example, if I get them on a Wednesday, I will put them in the following Monday's Progress Report.

    Once in awhile, things have to go home on a day other than a Monday. For example, last year, our Parent Teacher Conference slips were to be sent home on a specific day-Wednesday of that week. In that case, I just wrote a note in my "Messages" and announced that they would be sent home on Wednesday and please watch for them.

    Upon occaision, we will get a note in the morning, that needs to go home that day, such as "Reminder-Tomorrow is Picture Day". Those notes will go home on the day specified. Typically, these notes are reminder notes and they are about things that have been announced several times before the reminders.

    If I have to pass something out on a day, other than a Monday, I will call one person from each group to get enough for their group, after they get their backpacks and are seated. Then, the children just put them in their backpacks at that time. This way, they are less likely to tuck them away in their desks and forget about them.

    Overall, I've found that more notes get home using this system and parents feel more informed. I've been doing it for years and it works well for me.

    Hope this gives you some ideas! Have a great year! JKB :s)

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