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    Supply Storage
    By mellen

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    Some of our parents have expressed those same sentiments. :(

    What you're thinking about is very similar to what I do each year. I use the transparent pencil boxes from Staples. They have two indentations on the top where the students place their pencils. I really like that because there aren't as many lost pencils that way. I label the outside with the students' numbers. Inside I put a dry erase marker, a felt eraser (the old chalkboard ones), a pair of scissors, a box of 12 colored pencils, a box of 24 crayons, and two sharpened pencils. These are all supplies I purchase at the beginning of each year. (The pencil boxes run about $1 each) They stay on top of their desks and I tell the students they are to add nothing else to their pencil boxes, otherwise they become quite full and messy. Then, at Back to School, I tell parents I have purchased everything to begin the year, but when items need to be replaced, it will be their responsibility. This has worked out well for me. Of course, students need to be taught not to play with their pencil boxes, but that's not been a problem for me. Also, when they switch seats, they take their pencil box with them.
    It seems like the shoebox might be more expensive and take up more classroom space. Each of us have our own different space issues, though, so if you have less desk space and more classroom space, it could work quite nicely. Good luck!

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