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    shoe box tubs~ What do you think?
    By JennieB

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    I have been reading a lot about community school supplies. I tried this once, and I had parents complain that the supplies they bought was intended for their child only, and they did not want the whole class to use it. Then when we needed more supplies to be brought in, they refused to because they said that if only their child was using it, then they would have enough. :rolleyes: I was thinking of having the children store their supplies in shoe box tubs/bins you know the clear ones. I will have them numbered and the students will put all their supplies in there. In the morning they will be responsible for making sure they have 3 pencils. When they need crayons or markers they bring the tub to their desk, when done store it back on the shelf. If the box is ever on the desk during instuction, the lid would be on, so they could not play with supplies in their desk. If they need to take supplies to another class all they have to do is take the entire box. I am hoping that this will keep the supplies for being 'lost' in their desk, and help with the desk space issue.

    Does anyone have any simular experiences with this?

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