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    By Gina TX

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    I say it too. Not constantly, and not sarcastically. I use it when someone is doing something they shouldn't be, but it isn't a huge thing that they should be in trouble for. I will say, Excuse me, but is that what you are supposed to be doing?

    Also, I was cured of saying it to students if I didn't hear what they said. We had a student with some major behavioral problems last year. He transferred in a week before spring break and landed himself in ISS the week after. I had taken each class to the Junior high to register for classes. We were in the library where the counselors were instructing them on filling out elective forms, etc. He had asked what to put for his phone number. I asked if he had a home phone. He said he couldn't remember it. This is reasonable since he had just transferred from out of state. So I asked if he knew any other phone numbers so that if they had questions about his schedule they could get ahold of him or his parents during the summer. His reply was he had his mom's cell phone number. I told him to go ahead and put that and then I turned to help another student. I heard him say something so I said, Excuse me? I didn't hear you. His very loud reply in the quiet library full of other classes was, "I said you're a B****!" Our school's counselor heard it and took him out. He was right back in ISS and spent quite a bit more time there during the rest of the year for saying the same things to his other teachers. Lesson learned. Be careful what you're asking :)

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