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    Email Address Concern
    By Editor

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    Hi! We do recommend that you use an email address that you check regularly. We also suggest using a hotmail, yahoo, gmail, or other free email account for all your online activities, including ProTeacher.

    However, just to clarify the point that Laura made, other ProTeacher Members can send you "Private Messages", but they can NOT send you email messages. Your email address is not listed anywhere that is accessible to other members, nor do we share your email address to other organizations. And, you can even turn the Private Messages feature off if you want to.

    Initially, we use your email address to verify that you are a real person and not a computer trying to create a fake account. You do this yourself by responding to an email we'll send you to 'activate' your new User Name. We also use your email address to contact you with news and information about our website, although, as others have mentioned, this is not done very frequently. Do expect some periodic emails from us, but don't expect a daily or weekly annoyance. We get annoyed by those too.

    Please do keep your email address updated. In the event you need to contact us (lost password, etc), we'll need you to use that email address so we know it's you.

    Finally, using an email address you check often allows you to make full use of our bookmarking feature. See the "Threads" user guide for more information about bookmarks.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for your interest! :)

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