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    How about

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    a marble jar for whole classroom behavior. Each class could have a container(jar, bowl) in the room: "Our Behavior is 'Marbleous' ".
    You could award marbles for good behavior, etc. Maybe begin with
    a specific number of them at the beginning of your lesson and take away if problems occur. Then at the end of the lesson, drop in and count the remaining marbles with the class. After the jar is full, you could give a small reward; suckers, gum, mini tootsie roll, popcorn party or some fun free time activity; a game for the whole class to play, lunch with you, extra recess time with you. Not sure what your schedule would allow.
    It would be very visible and maybe motivating.
    As I was typing this, I got to thinking about the expense of that many marbles, so;
    Cotton balls in a quart size jar: "We're on the Ball" or "The Ball Jar" using a Ball canning jar.
    Dry beans: "We are 'Bean' Good" (like bein'). That's pretty bad!!!
    Pebbles: "Good Behavior Rocks"

    Good Luck in your new position. Wish our school corp. saw the value of media specialists. 3 of the 4 we had were riffed and replaced with an aid to check out books only.:(

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