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    By bparsons

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    I was having cat-pee issues recently. That's a tough smell to get rid of, but it seems to be gone. I looked on several web sites for advice.

    I sprinkled the carpet directly with baking soda and let it sit for a few days (with area rug on top so we could walk on it) then vacuumed up the baking soda. I also tried putting some fabric softener sheets under the area rug and leaving them there for a few days. Fabric softener sheets make pretty good air fresheners. I put some in the drawers of a musty old chest of drawers we inherited and it worked great. Both of these things seemed to work by either absorbing or masking the odor. These are certainly things you could try for your situation - I know its not cat pee, but it can't hurt. I also used a rug doctor on it once. Maybe it would be worth getting one of those carpet spot cleaners for your classroom? You could also try some pet odor eliminators - I bought one from my vet's office and it also seemed to do some good. Between all of that, the odor is gone now. You could also try the odor eliminators that contain enzymes that eat the odor causing stuff... sounds like yours could be mold.

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