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    By JKB

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    Like you......I grade papers virtually every single day.....and I check virtually everything! I hope I didn't imply that I only check them once a week! Gosh, if that was the case, I would be lost in a mountain of paperwork every single weekend! :eek:

    The primary reason for developing this system is that I am more certain that parents will see their children's work, in an organized fashion. (Papers don't get stuffed in desks, book bags, or tossed in the garbage....because they go home neatly in a plastic pouch with a snap closure.) Parents know when to expect the papers to be sent home and they look for the Weekly Progress Reports. Besides having parents sign the bottom of each report each week, I leave room for them to write me notes if they have any questions, comments, or concerns. As a result, the lines of communication are open every week!

    Also, I don't waste valuable classtime daily passing back papers or having students run around the room passing them back. I tried the mailbox system long ago, and it seems like the ones who NEEDED to take things home the most, were the same ones who avoided taking them home!

    I've used this system under three different principals, and all three of them supported it. I guess it just goes to show you that there is diversity with administrators, too!

    Have a great year!:s)

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