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    By Gina TX

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    Our mascot is the hornets. For students we have Happening Hornets. It's just a ticket that you give the students when you catch them doing something good, or when they do a really good job on something, whatever you want really. You collect them in your classroom all week and send them to the office with a student on Friday. Friday afternoon the principal comes on the intercome and draws a few names and those drawn get a prize. For staff we have basically the same thing, but it's called a Sweet Sting. You fill out the top portion saying what reason you are giving them a sweet sting, IE: Thanks for helping me today, etc. The bottom part tears off and goes in a different box that the office draws from about once a month. We usually leave the top part in the teacher's mail box and sometimes include a small gift, like a piece of candy, or a small notepad, post its, pen, etc. The best part for the staff is not waiting to see if their name is drawn, but reading the comments from other staff on the card part. Last year I had a really tough class and a teacher I didn't even know then brought me one to room just to tell me, hang in there. It really means a lot just to know others care.

    For staff birthdays they are usually done on the morning announcements.

    As we are 5th and 6th grades only, we don't generally celebrate the students birthdays. But I do make a point to tell them happy birthday, or sometimes if I can pull it off I will send that student out of the room for something and when he/she comes back in the whole class sings happy birthday to them.

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