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    Office Depot Deal!
    By MsPropel

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    I went to Office Depot on Sunday and bought 45 ten cent pencil boxes. I needed five more so I called another one, had them hold them for me (I was on my way) and got my other five. When I got home I realized I counted wrong and needed one more. I called all of the surrounding Office Depot's and they were all out. Most of them said to try back throughout the week because they'd have more trucks coming in. I stopped at the one by my school today after our In-Service to check and they were out. However, there was a sign about seeing an employee to order some. Well, I found the same guy who had held them for me on Sunday and he told me that they just found out that the pencil boxes that were on sale for 2/$1.99 were just reduced to ten cents as well! When I found this out, I decided to get more than just the one that I really needed as I could use the more sturdy ones in the room and the ones I've already purchased (a bit more flimsy) could be used as prizes. Well, of course they were out. But, he took my name and number (and all of the information about the pencil boxes I needed) and said he'd call me when they came in. Because I can be there within a few hours of when he calls, he said he'd pull them and save them for me as well! He clearly could care less about the 5 box limit!

    Just a little reminder of "it doesn't hurt to ask"!

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