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    Weekly Progress Reports
    By JKB

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    I've tried a variety of methods for returning students' graded work, including having paper passers, mailboxes, etc. It would drive me crazy when so many would get stuffed inside desks, crumbled up in backpacks, or just tossed out, plus it seemed like there was too much time lost on returning student work.

    Then, about 12 years ago, I switched things around. Now, on Mondays, I send home weekly Progress Reports. I type a quick format, along with notes about things taking place during the upcoming week. It could be anything from annoucing a test to a school wide book fair. I also record test scores from the previous week. Finally, I list any missing assignments. It may sound like a lot of work, but I can complete them for the whole class in about a half hour....which is a lot less time that it took for me to pass out individual papers!

    I have a parent volunteer come in on Monday mornings and assemble the weekly progress reports. I use a hanging file folder system, where the graded assignments are initially filed. Then, all of the papers in the folder, along with the weekly progress report goes into a plastic pouch that has a snap closure. (I bought 36 of them a the dollar store four years ago, and about 30 of the original ones are still functioning! I just replenish them as I need them.)

    By using this method, parents have the opportunity to see their child's work from the previous week (without it being rolled up into a ball!). They know how their child performed on tests and they know if their child has any missing assignments. They also know what is going on in school. In addition, they sign the bottom of the Progress report and return it to me the plastic pouch, so that I know they received it.

    This has saved tons of time (and aggrevation!) in a variety of ways! It is so quick and easy to pass back a Progress Report pouch ONCE a week, compared to passing back individual assignments daily. It also has saved time with parent teacher conferences later down the road! I have never had a parent tell me "I didn't know my child had missing assignments!" or "I didn't know my child had low test scores!" or "I Didn't know there was a test last week!" or "I didn't know my child was struggling with....", because they sign the weekly report!

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