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    By vateacher

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    1) I'm all about the sticker labels I make them color coded too so the kids learn where to keep them. I don't, however, make a sheet for each student with their names because we don't need that many of them. Usually they have a row to themselves (4). Enough for their nametags.
    2) We do all community supplies in my classroom. In the beginning I have plastic dish tubs ready so I can have all the kids help me sort their supplies. I 'll say "If you have PENCILS hold them up!" and I come take their pencils. I go through the whole list until the backpacks are all empty. Then we practice putting our backpacks away.
    3) I also give each child a number. That way I don't have to label their cubbies, book boxes, manipulative sets, finished work boxes etc every year. It's all ready to go.
    4) I make a check off spread sheet like the previous poster too.
    5) I have a parent or parents come in and tear out all the consumable pages from the student editions of the text books by chapter and sort them by page which I then organize in hanging folders for when I need them. It's just easier and it takes the wee ones so much longer to tear out the pages (plus they usually end up not torn out correctly!)

    I'm sure there's a lot more but that's all I can think of for now.

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