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    By Tounces

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    A teacher did this last year, but she just moved to a room by mine. She never came to get her things even after school started. So one day I just took them to her. I thought she would appreciate that I took the time and effort to bring her things to her. I also needed the room to store my things. She seemed a little ticked because she said thanks-sarcastically-followed by "now I have to go through this stuff and find room for it". Well, I think that is what she should have done in the first place. I responded "I'm sorry, I thought I was being helpful." Teachers should not expect other teachers to store their things for them. If I were you I would take the teacher's things to her new school anyway. I know this is extra work for you, but maybe others will see you as being helpful (what is what I thought I was being). I would at least offer to bring them to her if you can. Say something like I have so much stuff I would hate to get our things mixed up since I'm setting up my room now. I'd be happy to bring you your things on my way tomorrow or you can pick them up today. People who take advantage of others this way need to know you will not be pushed around. This is a nice way to let them know I think. The other teacher I work for knew I wasn't to be taken advantage of. She even told me later that she liked me and my personality.

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