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    Great Thread!
    By KcK

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    :D I love this thread! I do a lot of what other poster's have mentioned:

    1. I number my students for easy reference through the year
    2. I also print out labels for each student to label anything and everything. I have the students keep them in their folders to use throughout the year
    3. My single best tip is to make a spreadsheet or computer checklist of your class list. My spreadsheet lists all my kids in order and then has 3 columns next to their name and has space at the top for the date and what the list is being used for that day. I use these for everything from recording grades until I can enter them in the computer to recording assignments and forms and money returned. They are invaluable and save me so much time!
    4. Another great tip, although stressful for us OCD types, is to have the kids organize your library. If they organize every last book in the right bin/shelf/box, then they know what books you have and since they organized it, they are vested in keeping it that way! It does really save you time before the kids come, but definitely later when they dont have every book in the wrong bin or are aimlessly walking around looking for one!

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