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    Another Gas Complaint!
    By Jennifer in OK

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    Why is it that gas prices rose last week with SPECULATION that Tropical Storm Chris would hit the Gulf. (Before you hit reply, yes, I know about the major industry of oil in the gulf region. My uncle used to work there.) Then two days after hearing this, TS Chris was a Tropical Depression and wouldn't hit!?!?! Give me a break! Gas rose $0.14 over the SPECULATION! And it hasn't gone down much since the SPECULATION turned out to be false. Can you imagine if we specualted in public about things and the backlash that would happen!?!? This whole gas thing frustrates the h*** out of me! I wish that my salary rose as much as the inflation in gas prices. I know this is more of a vent, but I know so many other PTers would agree about this. (Not to mention that the media really has gotten bad about hyping things up. I swear I hate the phrase "Breaking News" because a baby is having a dirty diaper in the middle of a parking lot would be BREAKING NEWS on a slow news day.) :p

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