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    Our team use to be known as the most
    By linda2671

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    cooperative grade level in the school. Then one teacher retired, and a new younger teacher moved in. She's a great person, and a wonderful teacher, but some jealousy developed because of the administration's excessive praise. One of the other team members has always been a malicious gossip about everything in our town. Any story, true or not, was fair game. She tells everything she knows about her students, their families, and anyone else connected. She takes all their personal business into the teacher's lounge. Up until recently, she has never attacked (to my knowledge) anyone on our team. She's started looking for things to gripe about with us so she can take those things to the teacher's lounge. We were late getting equipment to her, or we were late getting out to recess duty. Last election, she began to criticize who she thought I voted for--even though I never told her who I was voting for. She never missed a chance to put down my beliefs and my values.
    I tried ignoring her. Everyone else told me I was too nice. They said people who stand up for themselves don't get stomped on like that. So I began to stand up to her. Then the other teachers started saying, "______ and ______ do nothing but fight. We need an intervention." So I went back to ignoring her. Then she started attacking other members of our team--including the new teacher, who is so well favored by the administration. Now I feel like the administration has heard her version, and I have no idea what that is, since it changes according to whom she talks. Anyway, in 2 years, we've gone from the most cooperative grade level to the one that bickers the most. I've thought about changing grade levels, and even about changing schools, but I hate to do anything that drastic.
    Anyway, I guess I'm not offering any advice. I wish I knew what to do myself. I'm just hoping it will level out. "Least said, soonest mended". I think that sort of thing happens a lot in large schools. We have 6 gen ed team members and 2 special ed team members. I think it might be what they call growing pains. My best plan as team leader is to put the gossips together on recess duty, and the none-gossips together for theirs. That way the gossips can attack all they want, and the rest of us don't have to hear it.

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